Capsules Vs Liquids

If you have been looking around to buy SARMs and left confused which is the better version between capsules or liquid, this guide is meant only for you.

There are different false statements and ridiculous theories thrown that liquid SARMs are far better than capsulated SARMs. No wonder, most of the time these statements are coming from individuals who have vested interested in the profitability and sales of liquid SARMs (they are paid, they work for, or they own a SARMs store that deal only in liquid SARMs). Let us tell you one thing very clearly, all SARMs start as raw powders. It is as simple as that!

Let us walk on the basic journey of a SARMs raw powder from the point of manufacturing to the point of sale to gain a clear and complete understanding.

Raw SARMs ingredients are prepared by manufactures and shipped out to SARMs stores from the point of origin. They are in a raw powdered form to start with before they can be being put into a form of delivery system before they are put on sale and sent for shipment before they are administered by the end users. It is the sole perspective of the SARMs Store regarding which delivery form to use for sale to researchers for administration. Remember, the potency levels don't change just because a SARM is in powdered form, liquid form, or capsulated form till now.

Now comes the real deal! Putting raw powders into capsule forms mean that they are meant for human consumption as far as research chemicals are concerned. This is the only reason why most SARMs stores don't want to sell SARMs in the capsule form and therefore keep running and floating nonsensical theories and rumours. They just want to be more careful legally. Mind you, they are not selling capsules because they have something to hide.

There is absolutely no denying the fact that all SARMs suppliers would have preferred to use capsules for the most part except for a few instances where dosages in small increments are required. Coming to our discussion, all SARMs stores will simply prefer the capsulated form of SARMs as they are more appealing to the end users, easier to ship, and have a longer shelf life. Whether a store decides to cap the powder or suspend it in grain alcohol in liquid solutions, it is completely up to them. The powder is still powder and should work equally good at the end of the day.

Now let us imagine why every single vitamin, supplement, or drug at traditional pharmacies is 99 percent of the times in a pill form. Would they be sold and popular in pill form at these stores if bioavailability of pills was such a big cause of concern? Why have thousands and millions of users buying them in pill form for decades if they are supposed to be rendered ineffective if not sublingually suspended in grain alcohol?


Why Capsulated SARMS Are Better?


One of the biggest differences between liquid SARMs and capsulated SARMs is consistency. The former is basically completely liquid and the former is hard-packed and dense. It is worthwhile to also remember here that liquid vials of SARMs are very prone to damage during the entire process of transit. Add to that, rough handling of packs by postal employees and customs.

This could possibly mean you are at an increased risk of possibly end up getting a broken or damaged bottle of a liquid SARM after waiting for 14-30 days for it. Then, you will be asked to submit proofs of the damage or fight a battle with the postal authorities that may take a week or two more, if not more than that. The worst part is that the replacement, if ever sent, will again be in a vial carrying liquid and likely to get broken, lost, or damaged again because it will be obviously be handled by the same postal employees and customs.

If that is not all, some active ingredients of SARMs tend to lose their efficacy and strength in a liquid form. There is no challenging the statement that the product would finally reach you but you would surely be not getting the ideal quantities and levels of the SARMs that you originally intended to purchase or required by your body to grow and develop.

Furthermore, it is no rocket science that the ingredients in SARMs capsules or liquid will finally be absorbed through the digestive system in the body. Both liquid SARMs and capsulated SARMs will stay in the stomach for a brief period of time before they get metabolised and distributed to where they are required.

Most of the useful ingredients of liquid SARMs are predisposed to get merged with the digested food in the stomach as soon as it is administered. This means that the most beneficial ingredients of them will be lost even before they could have started with their action mechanism.

On the other hand, capsulated SARMs are designed to break down harder and longer. This is done with a predefined purpose to allow all the beneficial ingredients to get absorbed by the system. Moreover, these ingredients are not inclined to get disintegrated when they come in contact with gastric acid (stomach acid).

Liquid selective androgen receptor modulators are generally formulated with unnecessary fillers such as additives and artificial flavours to conceal the unpleasant smells and tastes that most of their ingredients naturally have. On the other hand, capsulated SARMs do come up with a specific smell and taste that you may not find appealing but it is not really necessary that every good thing tastes good or have no taste at all. It is basically the same good thing that your body actually requires to stay in a good shape.

Another problem with purchasing liquid SARMs is that the product when complemented with grain alcohol and other ingredients like flavours and additives will be purchased, repackaged, remanufactured, and resold to you, the end consumer. These added steps of manufacturing leave you vulnerable to receiving completely fake, sub-standard products, or under-dosed ingredients that are handled in unhygienic conditions.

If the manufacturer of liquid SARMs is claiming that capsule SARMs are not legal, it is important for you to remember that SARMs are legal only for research purposes and only in some countries of the world. This means that if the capsule SARM is illegal, the liquid SARM is illegal too. If the capsule SARM is legal for research purposes, so is the liquid version of SARM for research purposes. There is absolutely no confusion in this. It is plain and simple!

The list of disadvantages associated with liquid SARMs doesn’t end here. Vials and ingredient levels are hard to measure and you may end up buying lots of additional things like needles, bacteriostatic water, and so on and finally you may end up injecting the liquid instead of orally consuming it. This would put you in an additional risk of abscess formation at the injection site, injection site pain, sharing of needles, and a possibility of sexually transmitted diseases because of needle sharing. Add to that, a possibility that the needle hitting a nerve or wrongly administered and you may land up in emergency at the hospital. These are not the reasons or (dis)advantages for which you bought selective androgen receptor modulators in the first place. Right? With these serious disadvantages at the back of your mind, you could possibly not even concentrate fully on your workouts and fitness objectives. It is for these and many similar reasons that the bodybuilding world trust only capsulated SARMSs and not liquid SARMs that are a pain to deal with right from the word go.


How To Buy SARMs Capsules?


You can find a lot of SARMs stores that deal in both liquid SARMs and capsulated SARMs. As we have found out, the liquid SARMs are no better than their capsulated counterparts. There is actually more risk of the product not getting safely delivered with liquid SARMs. Moreover, liquid SARMs make it difficult to measure accurate dosages that can put you at an increased risk of unknowingly over-dosing or abusing selective androgen receptor modulators.

All in all, it is always better to buy genuine and research-grade capsulated SARMs from only and that we have a reputation of offering the "real deal" and not in circulating "fake products and paid stories".


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