PCT RECOVERY- 4-1 Post Cycle Therapy


4 In 1 Post Cycle Therapy

  • Increase Testosterone Levels & Libido
  • Decrease + Block Estrogen
  • Supports Liver Health + Cellular Regeneration


PCT RECOVERY is a 4 – 1 Post Cycle Therapy supplement made to stimulate rapid recovery after your cycle. Each bottle lasts you 30+ days and will decrease the time needed for a post cycle therapy.


  • Increased testosterone levels & libido
  • Made for post anabolic cycles, Savage PCT’s proprietary test support blend was formulated for an instant boost in your natural
  • testosterone levels 3-4x faster than naturally and significantly noticeable libido jump


Decrease & block estrogen

Whether coming off a cycle of anabolic steroids, sarms or just to prevent the buildup of estrogen in the body, Savage PCT has the perfect ingredients and dosage to stop the body from converting testosterone to estrogen, speeding your recovery up even faster


Liver Support + Cellular Regeneration

Our liver support blend of powerful anti-oxidants, increasing the cleansing of the liver to prevent damage and absorb protein faster.



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